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Vegetables Can Reduce Emissions

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Jeremy Schwartz Keynote Speaker Blog

Anne-Sophie Fontaine is the head of Sustainability and Corporate communications for Bonduelle, a French family owned producer of chilled, frozen and canned vegetables. We have to engage in a huge cultural shift to choose, cook and eat more vegetables and pulses relative to meat if our lifestyles are to reduce global warming.

Engaging in this Mediterranean diet will give us the chance to feed the 9 billion people in the future, reduce the global warming effect of what we eat and we reduce obesity. It seems too obvious, but we have got so used to a meat heavy diet vs pulses and eatting often more than the calories we burn that we probably need to start teaching kids how to cook in this new way at school.

I personally have made a New Year commitment to eat this Mediterranean diet for every lunch and so far its going surprisingly well and maybe the place we all need to start.

How are you changing your eating habits and can you share in the comments any successes you personally have or are having?


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