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Jeremy Schwartz: A Transformative Leadership Expert and Sustainability Advocate

A journey that intersects innovation, leadership, and sustainable profitability.


In the landscape of contemporary leadership, Jeremy Schwartz shines his transformative light on organizations across the globe. His unique blend of experience—as a Chair, CEO, and expert in marketing and commercial roles—imbues him with a deep understanding of how to inspire and align diverse cultures, functions, and stakeholders. Integrity, transparency, and a commitment to empowering others lie at the core of Jeremy's ethos.


Jeremy Schwartz has been a change agent from the start of his career; he was pivotal in the creation of Coke Zero, that rose from a simple human insight into a brand that now surpasses $10 billion in annual revenue. It stands as a testament to his capability for innovative thinking, challenging the status quo and long-term business transformation.


As comfortable he is with a career in the corporate world, Jeremy has the entrepreneur’s spirit at heart. With Marco Pierre White he co-founded Glorious! Foods, gathering invaluable experience and, as any entrepreneur will tell you, a few scars along the way. It’s this blend of corporate leadership and entrepreneurship that gives him a uniquely holistic perspective on turning business challenges into opportunities.


His philosophy on leadership is deeply rooted in having a point of view about the future, the courage to pursue these beliefs and empowering teams to make it happen. His record as a Chair, CEO, and specialist in marketing and commercial roles underscores his ability to guide diverse stakeholders. As Chairman of Kantar's Sustainability and Diversity Transformation Practice, his most recent venture, Jeremy has guided the executive team from start-up to $150 million in revenue within two years. Forbes acknowledged the firm as a leading sustainability consultancy, credit to all that the team is achieving.


Digital transformation is integral to Jeremy’s future focus and leadership style. At Pandora, L’Oréal UK, and The Body Shop, he placed digital at the top of the agenda, employed the best digital talent, and embraced agile methods of work core to the success of the technology industry. This focus pivoted the business models and accelerated sales. Under his leadership, Pandora reversed declining sales and added 7bn€ shareholder value in twenty months by prioritising ecommerce and purpose led actions.


Sustainability and profitability are mutually inclusive in Jeremy's playbook. At The Body Shop, he realigned the brand towards ethical consumerism, accelerating direct sourcing from community farmers which rewarded practices protecting its biodiversity. While at Sainsburys, before sustainability was a thing, he spearheaded the range of “fruits and vegetables in all shapes and sizes” at discount prices, that hitherto were thrown away, creating a £150m business.


Jeremy doesn't just talk the talk; he walks it—literally, as a serious mountaineer scaling 6000m summits and perilous ridges. This physically demanding passion tests his business leadership principles of courage, resilience, and teamwork in the unforgiving environments of high mountains.


Social responsibility? Absolutely. Jeremy is a founding trustee of the Against Malaria Foundation. His efforts have contributed to raising $400 million, leading to the distribution of 190 million mosquito nets in Africa. For Sainsbury’s back in 2005 his team pioneered the Active Kids program which has since imbued 56m kids in the UK with the habit of exercise.  

When you book Jeremy, you’re not just hiring a speaker. You’re making an investment in a transformative journey that will reshape your understanding of leadership, innovation, digital transformation, and sustainability.  


Are you ready for that?


Career timeline:

  • Pandora CEO (2018-2019): Regained investor confidence by implementing a successful agile transformation strategy named 'Program Now.'

  • L'Oréal UK CEO and The Body Shop CEO (2010-2018): Led the companies through transformative growth and successfully orchestrated the sale of The Body Shop to Natura Brazil for $1bn.

  • Glorious! Soups CEO (2005-2009): Founded the brand which was sold to The Sauce Company.

  • J Sainsburys MD (2002-2005): Spearheaded a business transformation that reversed a 10-year decline.

  • Coca-Cola Europe MD (1997-2002): Innovated the brand by introducing 'Coca-Cola Zero.'

  • L'Oréal MD (1992-1997): Was the team that launched the line: “Because I’m worth it.”

  • Boston Consulting Group (1989-1992): Honed an expertise in strategy.

  • Postgraduate Degree Cambridge University – Advanced Production Methods and Management.

  • Bsc degree Sheffield University – Metallurgy and advanced Materials Science



Current Engagements:

  • Maxius Advisory: Jeremy’s consultancy that specializes in advising businesses on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) matters.

  • Kantar's Sustainability and Diversity Transformation Practice: Serving as the Practice Chairman.

  • Global Business Expert Speaker: Speaks to diverse audiences around the world.

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