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Sustainable Leader: Consumers as Citizens

I am about to speak to 70 Borneo Sarawak Parliamentarians here in Dublin

Sustainable Leader: Consumers as Citizens

Here I will share insights from Coca-Cola. Sainsburys and The Body Shop a subject that fascinates me, how to understand the needs, fears and wants of people as Consumers and Citizens, as Parents and Individuals, as Employees and Free agents.

We so often box people into a convenient definition for the task at hand

Marketing to people as Consumers

Campaigning to people as Citizens

Preaching to people as Parents

Dictating to people as Employees

Yet we are all of these at once and can have needs and fears that stretch across them all.

Fear of making ends meet in this cost of living crisis affects as a:

Consumer, Citizen, Parent and Employee.

Back in 2005 my team and I developed Active Kids that touched people across all states and empowered: Women as consumers to collect tokens that enabled school teachers to buy exercise kit for kids that uplifted mums to know their kids were getting fitter and reduced the scale of obesity on the state system



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