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The Scale Of The Ambition Took Our Breath Away

300k new homes were showcased at CityScape event near Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

It was energising to be part of the depth and breadth of speakers at Cityscape and to see investment in sustainability being proposed in the housing developments.

The Scale Of The Ambition Took Our Breath Away

A heartfelt thank you to @Anash Ahmeh at @informa for orchestrating such a phenomenal event. Kudos to @Dave Crane, our charming MC, whose humour-laden introductions lightened every moment. And a thanks to @Doug Stevens for steering our insightful panel discussion, "Green is the New Black". @Oliver Chitterton @London Speaker Bureau, your invitation to share my thoughts was greatly appreciated.

The spotlight of my speech, "Hit the Experiential Bullseye", was centred on the need to meld retail functionality with immersive experiences to bolster profitable sales. A succinct title usually suffices, but when discussing the future of retail, especially at the world's largest property show that has the capacity to invest in new retail, we must acknowledge its multifaceted nature. There's no single path to triumph in this dynamic and in many places challenging retail landscape.

What are core rules of retail, well in summary: stellar product- that is new special and different, range depth and turn, and pricing that is competitive vs your competition.

But to truly stand out as a retail destination there is a value in Infusing the retail brand with distinctive experiences.

Drawing from my talk, to standout in Saudi holds four dimensions should be considered:

  1. Zero in on the young family demographic which is exploding here.

  2. Shine during celebratory occasions.

  3. Tap into the customer's yearning for escapism.

  4. Excel in digital and offer next level convenience into the experience.

So, here’s a Monday morning thought:

Which of these four dimensions resonates most with your retail opportunities?



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