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Steal with Pride

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Friday 2am was a Virtual Keynote Speech to a major US fast food chain that is being forcibly reinvented by direct to consumer Uber eats deliveries. These disruptive forces question the role of their physical restaurants and have a completely different P&L which is frightening to the organisation.

Jeremy Schwartz Keynote Speaker Blog

How do leaders who have spent all their careers being 'restauranteurs' reinvent themselves to become DTC data geeks managing a fleet of 3rd party moped drivers?

"Steal with Pride" is my message to the Leadership team and Franchisees of this chain because "We all now have a PERSONAL OBLIGATION as leaders to become experts in e-commerce, data science and agile ways of working."

I explained that we can become experts by studying Google, Amazon and Space X and stealing with pride the great things they do. My team and I have stolen Amazon's PLP product landing page design for other client websites - so simple yet few people do this. We have stolen Space X unbelievable speed and their use of RAPID PROTOTYPING to compress timelines and stolen Google's exploitation of data to NOURISH SUPER LOYAL consumers over low volume ones.

Disruptive forces are forcing every company to either adapt or die. As leaders we have to embrace that mantra too and re educating ourselves is the first weapon to excel in this new world order.

If anyone needs some tricks to Steal with Pride or Become Reeducated don't hesitate to contact me

May the tech forces be with you.



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