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Simples! - Your Profit Sensitivity model

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Can you really create instant profit from costs I hear you say ?

Jeremy Schwartz Keynote Speaker Blog

Yes you can when it is about modelling with a simple excel business case that does not focus on the costs but captures the incremental revenue and profit that the cost, which we hope is actually an investment.

Now of course in every company there are those Nah Sayers who will seek to cut you down around the knees when you get up to present your exciting new business case.

They wont like the fact you have turned those costs into instant profit and will be eager to find holes in your argument and model. You know exactly the things they will say: "Yes but... what if.. bla bla bla"

So this is where you need to use tactic 2. Simples.

The profit sensitivity model just like the one in the image. If you make your little and simple excel model dynamic you can pop in different assumptions and generate different profits to go with each assumption.

Now whatever "Yes but" they throw at you, you have the scenario covered with a scenario table that covers them all off.

Ps Excel has a cool data table that allows you to automatically generate scenario data so you don't have to do it manually which is super cool

So if any of you have got to this point in this post and want any help with a specific problem you are facing - don't hesitate to drop me a line for help and by the way it is for free.

Call it a New Years-gift-for-free-resolution. #thegiftthatkeepsongiving



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