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Shifting Paradigms: Price Match Sustainable Solutions To Existing Choices

First let me thank @Ricardo Lagos - Marketing, @António Nogueira Leite - Chairman, and @Ana Isabel Trigo Morais - CEO of Ponto Verde who hosted the excellent Packaging Waste Conference in Lisbon and a special thanks to @Pricilla Chan at @speakers connect for enabling this opportunity.

Jeremy Schwartz

📊 In my keynote 'Better Never Stops,' I focused on the imperative of elevating recycling rates in Portugal, benchmarking against leading nations like Poland and Slovenia. Together we discovered the drivers to sustainable consumer behavior through our Kantar Sustainability Transformation practice's global data.

🌍 Though the market economy has driven an exception for the 3 Cs—convenience, cost, and comfort—our findings reveal 80% of consumers aspire to live sustainably, yet only 25% enact it. The barriers they express? Perceived high costs, inadequate information, and a scarcity of sustainable options.

💡 It's time to pivot. To bridge this gap, we must align sustainable packaging's pricing with current market choices. By adopting a zero-based approach to each line in the P&L, we can unlock the funds to cover any initial higher packaging costs, which will decline over time with scale.

🚀 As leaders and change-makers, we face the challenge of action. Words are cheap, 2050 is a dream, only action today counts.

How will you contribute to narrowing the value-action gap in your categories by matching prices, innovating products and communicating their benefits?



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