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My 25 Minute Habits

LI readers never just sit still, we all challenge ourselves with goals, though some of us do set more goals or more stretching ones than others.

My 25 Minute Habits

I’ve got physical ones, mental ones, work ones, educational ones, family ones, friends ones - oh dear the list is already feeling overwhelming. The danger I find is with too many goals none actually get done to level I want - i am spread too thin or I don’t make time everyday for them to become habits.

To overcome that I was inspired by a comment Tom Hanks made in relation to writing his first book. “I only write for 25 mins before having a break”.

So I have been applying my own 25 minute rule, especially to those things which before you start can seem a challenge, yet 5 minutes in you just love the energy they bring. Like going for a run.

So everyday I talk myself into my 25 minutes weight training, 25 minutes Zwift cycling and 25 minutes book writing sessions.

Somehow 25 minutes does not seem so long it is daunting, but it is not so short to be i sufficient either.

Also If you really can’t take out 25 minutes from your 12 hour day to look after yourself and develop yourself, you are not being kind to yourself either.

Now doing those 25 minute goals is becoming a habit and the beauty of habits is they don’t feel like obligations, just the rhythm of the life you live.

What goal have you set that could benefit from a 25 minute commitment to make it a habit?



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