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Marketing’s Future: Seize Back The Leadership Role

Sharing a panel discussion with the brilliant @Sophie Devonshire, @Charlie Thompson, @Jonathan Wise and the superb host @Victoria Hurth at Anthropy UK where we discussed “The Future of Marketing.”


Jeremy Schwartz Keynote Speaker

✨A recurring theme surfaced: marketing leaders must evolve from their traditional roles to a new paradigm where they seize back a leadership role to lead sustainability. They need to intertwine sustainability with strategy, lead the debate about sustainable consumption and innovate solutions that are both sustainable and profitable.


✨ As we shared insights on marketing's future, one conviction stood clear: To ignite sustainable innovation, marketers must harness their creativity for the greater good. They must challenge norms, embrace the uncomfortable, and steer the helm towards a future where our planet, people and business thrive together. They will need to forge new metrics combining profit and system well-being. This isn't just a challenge; it is a new opportunity, demanding courage and an entrepreneurial spirit.


✨ To make this happen, tough and honest discussion is required to address the paradox of marketing’s historic role, to drive consumption, with a future need to consume less. It requires a synergy between commercial success and the well-being of our planet, which has not yet been reconciled in our free market model.


As we navigate this paradigm change, we need to support marketeers to answer this question:

“How can marketers become the intrapreneurs, influencers and innovators needed for this new era of sustainable business?”



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