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Marketers, It's Time To Take Back Control Of The P&L!

Our Kantar attitudinal data tells us that 60% of consumers yearn for sustainable products, but the perceived price barrier holds them back from acting with 35% of consumers cite 'higher costs' as the primary reason they shy away from eco-friendly options. Factually, we see sustainable products are being priced on average according to our data up to 70% more than existing products.


Funny that, as marketeers are accountable for setting competitive prices and should not be using sustainability to charge more - which puts consumers off

Yet, industries are proving that sustainable solutions can be both eco-friendly and wallet-friendly. Look at solar energy, now more cost-effective than gas, coal, and nuclear. Or consider China's EV market, where prices have plummeted by 50% in just seven years and are now being priced at or below petrol car prices.

For marketers, there's a lesson and an opportunity here.

💡 By Taking Back Control of the P&L, they can strategically re distribute financial resources to neutralise costs and set competitive prices

💡 How? by cutting inefficient promotions, harnessing cost benefits from scale, and simplifying over complex product specifications can all free up new funds.

💡 Funds that can be redirected to ensure our sustainable innovations are priced on par with conventional products.

This isn't just a strategy—it's the future, as seen with the success stories of the EV and solar sectors.

🌍 My question to you marketers and business leaders:

How are you setting competitive prices on sustainable innovations by redistributing cost saving in the P&L - and not just taking them into profit?



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