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Making Sustainability Attractive

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

We have to knock down some glass walls when it comes to developing products with sustainability at their core that will succeed.

Jeremy Schwartz Keynote Speaker Blog

Made a keynote speech to a number of business leaders across the North England on "Marketing Sustainability to your financial advantage."

One glass wall to break down is that of course new sustainable products can and will be as profitable as existing products - however it is easy to mess up ....

That is where my 3 Cs help us challenge ourselves that the new products are as good as the existing. Our commercial agenda over the last 20 years + have been to drive down costs and prices (think Easyjet), drive up convenience (think bottled water) and rely on aesthetic and brand comfort as a barrier to change (think Nike).

So more expensive, less convenient and unpleasant yet sustainable solutions are unlikely to switch consumers...without forced regulation...

Audience well animated by the discussion.



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