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Laws Do Save Trees

Did you know Costa Rica's Biodiversity Law was Awarded the Future Policy Gold Award in 2010 and is considered a global benchmark in biodiversity laws.

Laws Do Save Trees


Set up in response to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity it really has a comprehensive approach to biodiversity conservation, sustainable resource use, and equitable sharing of benefits from genetic resources.


As you travel through and over Costa Rica you can see their success in reversing deforestation and how its extensive Payment for Environmental Services (PES) program are exemplary achievements of this law. Yes illegal loggers can be found, but the fines and sentences for being in possession of wood are real deterrents.


Speak to Costa Rican’s and you hear their pride in their 1942 Water law which designates water as a national patrimony with the state owning and controlling all rivers, lakes and aquifers and accessible to all citizens. What a wonderful approach that countries around the world should follow.


The UK has belatedly announced today the planting of new forests and £16m research fund.


Does your country have world class laws to protect and promote forest and water protection?



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