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Harnessing the Sun: A Race We Need to Win Faster

In the quest for a greener planet, every speach seeks to inspire business leadership teams to take the steps towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

Harnessing the Sun

Preparation is everything and for a speaking gig and I always want to share new refreshing insights that can spur the audience to greater into. As I gear up for my next keynote on the potential of solar farms in Europe, I'm compelled to share some illuminating facts: the path to solar isn't just about chasing the sunniest skies.

Today I had the privilege of speaking with @Professor Markides at Imperial University, a veteran of 20 years whose insights into solar energy opened my mind to important questions. Here's something to ponder:

☀️ There is such a thing as dirty sunshine. Even in the brightest climates, elements like dust and humidity can cast a shadow on solar efficiency.

☀️Too much sun is a problem too. In the scorching 40 degree heat of Saudi Arabia, a solar panel's output can drop by up to 30%. They need to pump water to cool the panels, with the upside it provides hot water, turning the challenge into a dual-purpose solution.

☀️Too much solar. then there's the case of California, basking in the sun's and solar abundance they are producing too much solar energy, cause there is a limit to storage and there are peak and trough needs.

☀️Making me ask the question: what's the right energy mix?

Turns out every country has a unique solar signature, an optimal blend of solar, renewable, and yes, even fossil fuels—for now. 🌤️🌙

So ask yourself and research "Do you know what's the energy blend that would best suit your country's needs?"



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