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Ecom Bets for 2022

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Just completed the opening keynote speech as the Retail Week Accelerating Ecommerce event.

Jeremy Schwartz Keynote Speaker Blog

These are the 'Things to bet on in 2022' for ecommerce directors, Chief Digital Officers and .. CEOs.

Automation - with rising costs we need to drive productivity through automation. This can be AI. Machine learning or just simply automating time intensive, error prone, repeated tasks using big data.

Live-tual - yes I have made up the word. This is creating a live selling and product demonstration appointment to view with a one to many presenter showing off product and humanising the ecom experience. Call it bringing retail experience into your mobile

UX - improvements never stop to drive conversion and relevance to consumers but my message is use consumer research to get real insight on where people want UX to improve

CX - Slice through internal silos and functional hand offs to create a seamless journey for the consumer who really does not care about organisational territories or in fighting.

Talent - Brilliant talent delivers the above. Replace weak performers with brilliant talent and create a place the best of the best want to work and with that .... Profitable sales will grow.

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