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Courage Trumps Fear

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Jeremy Schwartz Keynote Speaker Blog

Fear is a major unspoken corporate and individual emotion that stops leaders, managers and employees taking bold action to achieve Extraordinary Goals.

Of course, we all experience fear and fear comes in many forms. Fear or losing a job, fear of failure, fear of challenging convention, fear of the unknown. Leadership is knowing that fear is driving the responses of many people at work - even though most of us don't acknowledge that fear is what we are feeling and stopping us acting.

As a leader we need to bring courage as the antidote to fear. Fear will not go away, but courage will overcome it and take everyone forward to achieve extraordinary goals.

Everyday I can feel a voice of doubt of even fear as I face these challenging times and I am having to dig deep into my courage to create a advisory company called

Its aim is to help leaders, managers, founders and teams Imagine extraordinary goals, Plan for them, help Pursue them day after day until they Achieve them. It takes courage and courage is infectious and can be easily and generously shared.

So today, squash your fears and turn to your courage to follow your dreams either at work or at play.



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