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Bravery is Needed

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Jeremy Schwartz Keynote Speaker Blog

With Bill Gates and his new book, statements by Larry Fink of Blackrock, President Biden rejoining the Paris accord and of course Elon Musk doing all he does - consumers, regulators and investors will reward those companies investing in Innovation that will reduce emissions and save the planet.

It is going to be companies that save the planet, not governments, because they will invent the products, the services and the new ways that we can reduce our impact.

But that does assume that company leaders, middle managers and employees have the "guts" to kick off and follow though on innovation programmes dedicated to sustainability. "Guts" are needed because the innovation will be disruptive, the economics challenging and the bonuses possibly affected. "Guts" because all too often I do still see the resistance to serious innovation in sustainability is greater than the commitment to make it happen.

Get the Guts with "migration planning" which takes you from where you are today to a sustainable innovation new business model.


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