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"Thanks to Jeremy’s wake-up call we upgraded our merchandising expertise and he gave us the good kick we needed to launch a new range of sustainable packaging – not at the pace Jeremy would expect but he inspired us to get moving."

- Craig Spafford, Vice President Global Frontline

Client Business Leader Testimonials

Jeremy has worked with all the brands you see here virtually and in person with leadership teams based in London, New York, Shanghai, Paris, Geneva, Seoul, San Paolo, Berlin, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Madrid, and more. They have experienced Jeremy’s passion, concrete actions, and deep pre-research in every client to deliver a bespoke experience. But don't take our word for it, see what individual clients have to say below.

Schedule Your Free, No Obligation Briefing Call!

Are you ready to take your journey towards high performance to the next level? Unlock the potential of your organization with a personalized briefing call led by Jeremy himself. This call is completely free and carries no obligation – just a chance to explore new possibilities. Elevate your performance today – schedule your briefing call now!

Check Availability:
Get in touch with Jeremy’s team to check his availability for your next event. If free we will then hold an Event Scoping call so Jeremy can tailor make a speech to fit your objectives.

Or contact the fantastic speaker agencies I work with who will support you through the process.

Simply search:
"Jeremy Schwartz Speaker Agencies"

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