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Jeremy Schwartz


NEW skills of


to unlock high performance

Jeremy is a world class motivational speaker 

on high performance leadership with Coca-Cola, L'Oreal, Pandora and McKinsey to his name.

"Mr Coke Zero" and "Mr Sustainability"


Jeremy is a great story teller whose CEO and CMO experiences offer practical actions business leaders can apply straight away. 

Motivational Speaker Credentials

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Jeremy has been a CEO of global consumer brands & ecom focussed retailers. He has led a number of business transformations.

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Marketing Director of consumer brands in the UK and Europe.

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Chairman of

Kantar's Sustainability practice.

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Non Executive Director

UK/USA fast growing cosmetic brand.

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Senior Advisor 

McKinsey Transformation Practice. 

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Clients A : Global Consumer Brands 

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Jeremy’s speech was truly inspiring. His global experience was very evident, which led to informed insight and practical tools to break through organisational barriers

Julie Ennis, CEO UK & Ireland



Jeremy's Formal Showreels

Listen to Jeremy explain about his speaking subjects and his experience. Then scroll down to watch actual event videos and videos on 6 motivational subjects.

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Every speech is tailor-made to each client based on our scoping pre speech call. Jeremy asks scoping questions to deliver the best value to the client and their audience.

About Jeremy 

Find out more about Jeremy.


Watch the showreel.

Interactions, Conversations, Q&As with Audiences

Jeremy's speeches are interactive. He creates two way collaborative experiences with audiences.  

The audience are asked to discuss topics and share learnings and a fast paced  way.

These conversations, questions and observations create a richer, more personalised and exciting experience. 

Jeremy's Speech Subject Areas 

6 New Skills of Motivation

1. Make your purpose count
2. Profit from Sustainability



3. Blow Consumers Minds


4. Mindset Makes Culture 
5. Everyone's a leader 
6. Slice through Silos

to Unlock High Performance

Download the explanation of each skill of motivation

1. Make your purpose Count

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Make your purpose count

Context: Employees, consumers and investors want to engage companies with an inspiring, authentic purpose that guides their actions.


Are you struggling to create a memorable purpose and see it align, inspire and mobilise your employees into action every day? 


Become a celebrated company who makes every word of their purpose count everyday.

2. Profit from Sustainability

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Context: A tipping point has been met with Investors, Governments and Innovators, led by Tesla, putting a value and urgency on sustainable business actions being placed at the top of the agenda.


Do you want to know how your company can take a leadership role, mobilise employees and create new profitable business models to save the planet? 


Find out how to innovate and then migrate your business models from existing to the new.

Profit from Sustainability 

3. Innovate to inspire consumers

Jeremy  "the guy who invented Coke Zero

Coca-Cola zero

 Innovate to inspire consumers

Context: The empowered and fickle consumer has made growing market share a tougher battle than ever before.

Do your teams need to spend less time on internal meetings and more outward focussed on the consumer?

Be inspired to reach out, listen and act on the needs of potential consumers to ignite faster growth.

4. Mindset Makes Culture

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Mindset Makes Culture

Context: Every business leader wants to nourish and change their company culture, but that's more than tough as it is an ethereal thing.

Creating a winning fearless mindset is very achievable because every employee knows exactly what that feels and looks like.

Have your eyes opened to the new one-mindset-at -a-time way to nurture a better culture.

5. Everyone's a Leader Now

everyones a LOW RES .jpeg

Everyone's a leader now

Context: A command and control hierarchy that is always right is not viable leadership model in Gen X, nimble tech & fast moving environment.


Lets re brand Middle Managers as Middle Leaders and seek out, listen and empower those employees of any age or level who can step up and contribute. 


Find out how to mobilise great talent across an organisation and remove the saboteurs spoiling the leaders strategies and plans.

6. Slice Through Silos

silos 1.jpeg

Slice Through Silos

Context: High performance is undermined by people working in silos and not enough diversity of culture, women and ideas. 

Can you see how people working together from different functions. cultures and beliefs will create better results faster than if they dont?


Find out how to rapidly craft structures and embrace new ways of working.

Clients B : Banking and Finance 

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Some business leaders are cynical about sustainability and Jeremy's passion about its profitability positively challenged these views.

Peter Frankl 

Casnik Finance

Clients C : Consulting & Accountancy 

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His ability to communicate the unvarnished truth about a business with charm and insightfulness, accelerated progress around our key decisions by 12 months at least

Charles Trevail, CEO Interbrand

Clients E: Countries Spoken at 







United Kingdom

France, Spain

Holland, Slovenia



United States



Clients D: Business Groups & Industrials

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Logo ATR
Logo ATR


Jeremy’s speech was 10 out of 10.

Insightful and thought provoking with a conversational Q&A that gave the audience confidence to ask questions and learn more.

Jo Taylor, Manager

CEOs North East

Mental health & Toughness

This July, my son and I will be doing our most gnarly challenge yet, in aid of the Samaritans.

We’re inspired by the courage & joy of Nimsdai Purja, the Nepalese climber, in his must-watch Netflix film 14 Peaks.

In 24 days we’re climbing back-to-back 7 4000m+ epic summits across the alps,

aptly finishing on the 24th/July - Samaritans’ Awareness Day. 


Someone close to us, a family member, a friend or colleague, often unknown to us, are struggling with mental health & for some even suicide is an answer!

Suicide is the biggest killer of people 16-24 and men 40- 50 have had the highest suicide rates.  

Please donate on this Just giving link

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Extraordinary Goals Consultancy 

Jeremy's consultancy offers the unique Accelerator System.

This empowers business leaders to unlock high performance and achieve extraordinary goals via the 4 step system:

A. Imagine B. Plan C. Pursue & D. Succeed.

Download the brochure and explore the website:

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Speaker Agencies 

Some of the speaker agencies clients use for me.

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